Olive Oil – The greek Nutritional Treasure

Olive Oil – The greek Nutritional Treasure

Greeks, were the first ones to cultivate olive trees in the Mediterranean. Since then, the olive tree has become an integral part of the Greek cuisine, being its core element, highly connected to the Greek culture, history, mythology and tradition. Thus, the Greeks have always preferred to cook using olive oil, especially for health reasons (as later, recommended by doctors).

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Meet your assistant and driver at the hotel and depart for an interactive session, to learn not only how to select, taste and appreciate the extra virgin olive oil,  but also, integrate this nutritional treasure, to the everyday life. Get ready to become an olive oil expert and, experience the most important greek harvest!


The guests will taste four special, indigenous varieties of extra virgin Greek olive oil, together with fresh, local appetizers. In addition, the “hot potato” test will take place, in order to taste the very essence of the olive oil. To conclude this session, with a pleasant surprise, do not miss the chance to enjoy a traditional “baklava” sweet!!


Continue your tour with a stop at a typical Greek café, for a demonstration by the owner, of the Greek coffee making: how to prepare it, in a “briki” with “kaimaki”. Right after, visit the picturesque, Byzantine Kapnikarea church (11th century) -previously called Kamoucharea, due to the labs of “kamouchas” (silk merchant), shops of which are in the area.

Optional dinner in Plaka area, or drive back to the hotel.

[visit a greek cafe ]

[Kapnikarea church]


## Tour Duration: Approximately 2 hours

## Tour Price: 160.00 € per person (minimum 2 participants), including:

-Private, modern A/C minivan.

-Experienced driver.

-Experienced, English speaking assistant.

-Olive oil seminar, of 40 minutes.

-Greek coffee stop and session, including traditional greek delight “loukoumi”.

-VAT and service.

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