La Greca’s Celebrity Corner – Myths and Facts

For the last 54 years, La Greca specializes in luxury / VIP services, to many celebrity customers. Here are some of their comments and experiences:

Jodie Foster: Simple and charming!

We arranged for her, an “off the beaten track” itinerary, visiting the historical and archaeological sites of Athens; some provate collections, art galleries, traditional Greek houses, the Byzantine Museum of Athens and others. Chris, the general manager of La Greca, spent time with her in local tavernas, traditional greek cafes (“kafeneio”), together with our devoted tour guide.


Next, a special trip to Crete took place, where a specifically designed itinerary, enabled her to penetrate into the secrets of the Minoan culture and to witness the Palace of Knossos. “My God”, she said, “if I knew that Greece was so fantastic, I would have taken my camera with me, to shot a movie”.

Richie Sambora: More Greek…than a Greek!

Richie was one of our beloved customers and, so enthusiastic about Greece, that he acted and behaved like a child!

He enjoyed mixing with the locals and, made many new (Greek) friends. Further, he invited them to Mikrolimano port in Piraeus, where the movie “Never on Sunday” was shot, to enjoy a dinner with delicious lobster, scamps, calamari, traditional Greek salad and selected Greek wine. He was so outgoing that, after signing many autographs for the locals, he started discussing with his personal driver, Spyros, about basketball.


Afterwards, visiting Santorini and Mykonos, he had a splendid holiday time: swimming in transparent blue waters, enjoying the local food and having fun, fun, fun!


He admitted feeling very-very happy, missing only….his favourite guitar. Thus, we arranged to provide him one and, as he started playing, the locals and the tourists recognized him and, could not believe in their own eyes, to see this personality right in front of them.


Richie, dear friend, we hope to see you soon again, to visit more of our beautiful Greek islands!! We miss you!!

La Greca’s Celebrity Corner

Donation by VIP customers

For one of our distinguished guests, we have chartered a mega yacht to visit the Cycladic islands; among others, she visited Santorini.


She was so much impressed by the progress of the excavations in Akrotiri, where she asked to set an appointment with Professor Doumas, the head of the excavations.


I remember that, they met in “Delphinia”, a simple but, charming local taverna, laying on the turquoise waters of Santorini and, while enjoying Greek ouzo along with some “Greek meze” delicacies, she tipped his with a bank check, to continue the excavations. They talked about the procedure of the excavations and, the history of Akrotiri. She approved all the work there. We, at La Greca, are very proud of this contribution.


Thank you, dear customer!

Princess de Vitri – A lady in all her grace

She came to Athens with her husband, Mr. De Vitri, President of Pechinet Aluminum Company in France. As her husband was very busy, in order to sign contracts of co-operation with the Greek prime Minister, to establish an aluminum company in Greece, we had to arrange some private visits, for his wife.


She was very interested in museums, visited also archaeological sites and, she wanted to experience the everyday life of the Greeks. Arranging services for her, was a true pleasure.


One day, she and the tour guide had to drive to Delphi, to meet her husband (the aluminum factory would be built in that area). They arrived at the hotel and, all by the hotel’s mistake (despite the numerous emails that we sent, about the lady’s room), she was given a room without a bath tub (her husband would arrive the next day).


In the morning, the hotel manager came to meet her in person and, apologized deeply for this mistake. The lady, who was not angry at all, gave him a simple and friendly answer: “Every day, for the last 61 years, I have been having a bath. It does not matter, if I don’t have one, just for a day!!”


Princess de Vitri – A simple lady…simply, a lady!!!

Prince of Lichtenstein – An emotional lover of Greece.


A real prince, like the ones that we read about in the fairy tales. Elegant, educated and knowledgeable on the Greek history and, a mental lover of the ancient Greece.


His desire, was to visit the Temple of Apollo, in Figaleia (a temple built by Iktinos and Kallikratis, the same architects who erected the Parthenon). This Temple of Apollo, is in an excellent condition, as the second floor is still standing. Upon seeing this Temple, the prince felt like being in ecstasy, saying that “the twelve Gods may be around us, right now”.


His next visit, was at the site of the ancient Olympia, where the first Olympic Games took place in 779 B.C. When entering the stadium, in a very emotional situation (almost in tears), he started jogging the stadium’s distance. The funny thing is, that the guardians where shouting: “Sir, this is forbidden”, Of course, he didn’t know that, this person was the Prince of Lichtenstein and, first cousin of Queen Frederica.


You can never forget, such a customer. Thank you, sir!!