Special Interest Tours

A “must live” travelling experience in some of the top destinations of Greece, offering the chance to combine tourist attractions with the authentic Greek living. There are as many special interest tours, as aspects of the essence of Greece…so, take a look at a small sample of tours, offering the chance to unveil secrets, to surpass the eye of a typical traveler!


Greek Treasures – From Attica to Macedonia. An ideal opportunity to make a memorable journey through the 7.000 years of the Greek history and meet parts of a countryside, that you will always remember!


Northwest Greek experience – Epirus & Macedonia. Travel through time and discover two of the most historical Greek regions, shaping the country’s past through the centuries!


In the steps of Saint Paul-  Walk in the steps of Saint Paul, where History meets Religion and get a different perspective of the country; not only the birthplace of the European civilization but also the seed of Christianity spreading it all over Europe.


Christianity and Greece –  For the last two millenniums, Greece and Christianity have been walking together in the paths of History. Visit legendary sites and historical monasteries, and sense how the modern Greek identity has evolved.

The wine routes of Greece. Simply make up your mind and, let us put together the “winest” elements of an unforgettable trip!! Being the country where the wine was born and, its cultivation evolved for about 4.000 years, Greece can be proud for its wines, whose variety and taste render them among the best, in a worldwide level.


Culinary experiences – Gourmet tours: Travelling is not merely seeing places, but also tasting recipes, tightly connected to the local nature. Admire a so far unknown aspect of the Greek culture, by exploring the secrets of the Greek cuisine, being among the healthiest in the world.


Medical tours: In a country where, every aspect of the daily life, had its own god-protector, health could not be an exception. Greece, being homeland of the ancient medicine, attracts millions of travelers, particularly interested in the ancient and natural spas of Greece, some of which have been the very first medical tourism destinations, in antiquity. What can be more important, than the well being?