Spas & Hot Springs in Greece – An Ancient Healing Tradition

Spas & Hot Springs in Greece – An Ancient Healing Tradition

The belief in the curative powers of mineral waters and hot springs, dates back to the prehistoric times. The baths in the palace complex at Knossos (Crete) and the luxurious alabaster bathtubs excavated in Akrotiri (Santorini),  date from the mid-2nd millennium BC.

Achilles, one of the most famous Greek heroes, was alleged to have a hot spring bath as a baby, by his mother and sea goddess Thetida, that rendered his skin invulnerable to wounds in the battle.

Continuing a tradition of almost 4.000 years and, blessed by the rich Greek soil, providing more than 750 officially registered spa / hot springs, the modern Greeks are keen in using their medical benefits,  from public hot springs to luxurious hotels, all over Greece:


  • § Luxury Hotels (indicative):

# Santorini: Canaves Oia & Andronis Luxury Suites

# Mykonos: Santa Marina

# Naxos: Antony Suites & Residences

# Messinia: Romanos / Costa Navarino

# Macedonia, Halkidiki: Danai Beach Resort & Villas

# Korinthos, Loutraki: Wyndham Poseidon Resort

# Argolis, Kranidi: Amanzoe

# Crete: Mythos Palace (Chania), Daios Cove Luxury Resort & Villas (Agios Nikolaos), Elounda Beach Hotel & Villas (Elounda).

# Epirus, Metsovo: Grand Forest

# Evia, Eretria: Negroponte Resort


  • § Public Baths / Springs (to name only a few):

# Evia: Aidipsos Hot Springs

# Fthiotida: Kamena Vourla Hot Springs

# Thessaloniki: Lagkadas Baths

# Pella: Pozar Baths

# Ilia: Kaiafas Baths

# Korinthos: Loutraki Baths

# Kythnos (island): Hot Springs

# Argolis: Methana Baths

# Ikaria (island): Therma Baths

# Attica: Lake Vouliagmeni

# Lamia: Thermopyles Hot Springs


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