Cook Like A Greek!!

Cook Like A Greek!!

Greece is long known, from the past till nowadays, as a rich gastronomic country. Thus, we thought it would be interesting to experience some authentic Greek recipes.

Meet your assistant and driver at the hotel and, start the tour, with a visit to the Meat & Fish Market, the famous “Varvakeios Agora”, situated in a neoclassical building, erected by Henry Sleeman in the 19th century. It is a very interesting visit, since -among others- it offers a big variety of meat and fish/shell food, of distinguished quality. This visit, is an introduction to the nutrition habits of the Greeks. Next, crossing Athinas street, to see the Farmer Market, offering also delicious fruits). Continue, seeing the ancient Public Baths.


Further, drive to a Greek gastronomy centre, whose founders, after having travelled all around Greece, gather more than 1.000 carefully selected artisanal treasures, from 180 small local producers, focus in making the Greek flavours, known worldwide. There, participate into an enjoyable cooking class, discovering the best, authentic Greek recipes and explore their secrets!

[Cheese pie]

[Tomato & potato fritters]


This hands-on session, is planned around a traditional Greek meal. First, the instructor reveals how to create a dish and, then, all participants gather around the table, to have a personal taste of the result of their cooking class, in a lovely and warm environment. The philosophy of this culinary activity, is to welcome a guest to the healthy and flavourful world of the Greek cuisine, along with the principles of the well-know Greek hospitality!! Conclude the tour, drive back to the hotel.


[Spinach pie]

[Meet balls with tomato sauce]

## Tour Duration: 3 – 3½ hours

## Tour Price: 235.00 € per person (minimum 2 participants), including:

-Private, modern A/C minivan.

-Experienced driver.

-Experienced, English speaking assistant.

-Cooking class session of 2½ hours.

-A small bottle of ouzo / Greek beer / Greek wine per person.

-Typical Greek “meze”, during the cooking class.

-A complimentary copy of the recipes cooked.

-VAT and services.

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