Athens City Tour, Acropolis Hill & Museum, Ancient Agora

Athens City Tour, Acropolis Hill & Museum, Ancient Agora

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Duration: 06 – 06½ hours 


Tour Description

Welcome to Greece, the land of gods and goddesses!! Athens, its enchanting capital, is the city with the most glorious history in the world; a city worshipped by gods and people.


Athens has always been a birthplace for civilization. It is the city where democracy was born, as well as most of the wise men of the ancient times. The most important civilization of the ancient world, flourished in Athens and, relives, through some of the world’s most formidable edifices.


Drive to Panathinaikon Stadium, cradle of the first, modern Olympics in 1896 (short stop). Pass by the Prime’s Ministers residence (Ex Royal Palace), the National Garden, the House of Parliament and the Memorial to the Unknown Soldier, guarded by the Evzones with the traditional Greek uniform.


Continue, passing by the Hadrian’s Arc, St. Paul’s Church, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Schlieman’s House (Numismatic Museum), the Catholic Cathedral, the Academy, the University, the National Library, the Old Parliament, the Constitution Square, the Russian Orthodox Church.


Further, visit the Acropolis hill of Athens, to admire the architectural masterpieces of the Golden Age of Athens: the Propylaea, the Temple of Athena Nike, the Erechtheion and, finally «the harmony between material and spirit», the monument that «puts order in the mind», the Parthenon.


The Parthenon, dedicated to goddess Athena, is one of the greatest architectural wonders of the world, demonstrating the advanced state of ancient Greek culture. Coming down from the Acropolis Hill, take a visit to the New Acropolis Museum, hosting artefacts from the Golden Age of Athens.


Continue, passing by the Mars & Pnyx Hills, to enter the ancient Agora; a central spot for the social life of the ancient Greek city-states. The word’s literal meaning, is “gathering place” or “assembly”. It was in the Agora where, among various discussions (political, rhetorical etc.), philosophers like Socrates and Plato where also preaching in front of the Athenians. See also the Stoa of Attalos (stoa = covered walkway or portico) and, the temple of Hephaistus.


  • § Tour price: 132.00 € per adult / 66.00 € per child (up to 12 years old)


## Operating time: Departure at 08:00 – Return at 14:30

## Operating summer schedule (01 April – 31 October): Tue/Fri/Sat.

## Operating languages: English only.

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